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Spirit, Soul and Body

Is the Bible True? (Is It the Manual of Life from God?) – The Evidence of Our Faith (SSB Book 4)

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About the book

Almost every 2000 years since the first human, Adam, arrived on earth, something unique always occurred in the world. This interesting book vividly captures some of these major events.

From Adam to Noah’s Great Flood was about 2000 years (1st), and from Noah’s Great Flood to the Birth of the Son of God in human form, Christ, was also about 2000 years (2nd). From the birth of Christ to today is about 2000 years (3rd)!

That is, we in this generation are just passing through the 3rd two thousand years of human existence, and all appear set for a unique event that would again change the destiny of man eternally. The most important question is: Are You Prepared? Or will you be flushed away like it was with many people in the 1st and 2nd periods?